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05 Mar 2018



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Review by Jerome Johnston (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 28 Mar 2012

Let's suppose you have a video DVD which contains a lot of video clips or soundtracks. What if you could extract the audio from these clips and save it as a regular audio file? Thus, you could play it in your car stereo and in any regular MP3 player. And of course, using any software media player. This is now possible with the help of DVD Audio Extractor. You can guess what the program does just by looking at its name. It's a Windows application that can extract the audio from any type of video DVD, no matter if the DVD contains a whole movie or certain video clips. The audio can be saved in one of the formats supported.

As it's a Windows program, it has a point and click installation wizard, just like most of the other Windows applications out there. Using the program is as easy as installing it. The user just needs to select the DVD drive, folder or certain VOB file, for initiating the conversion process. Once the DVD is selected, the user can choose which audio stream should be converted. After completing this step, one can move to selecting the audio format of the resulting file. The program supports the most often used audio formats and also allows choosing quality settings for each of them.

Quality settings can be the same as the ones of the original DVD or they can be lowered, for making the audio file smaller. After completing this, one should only select the path for saving the audio file and also the name of the audio file. There are a couple of actions that can be performed automatically after the conversion process is over, like displaying a message, shutting down the computer and so on.

Included in the interface is a built-in player, that allows playing a certain part of the DVD, for making sure that it's exactly the one that the user wants to convert.


It allows extracting audio from any video DVD into a wide variety of audio files. Each audio file can have its own quality settings configured or it can inherit the original DVD settings. Besides that, a video player is included in the interface. What's more, certain actions can be performed after the conversion process is over, like turning off the PC or displaying a message.


The number of supported audio formats is limited. DVD Audio Extractor is a tool for extracting audio from any video DVD, into a variety of audio formats.

DVD Audio Extractor


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